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In 1996 SDF was being solicited by a Chinese import firm that wanted to get
into the 'CyberCafe' business. An informal proposal was that the firm would
host SDF for free (phone lines and all) in exchange for technical help in
setting up the computers and network for the Cyber Cafe. When the firm
couldn't gather enough capital to start the cafe, SDF was asked to leave.

Ted and Stephen attempted to negotiate the parting of ways and part of
the agreement was that Stephen would write a cheque to purchase the tall
tower pictured above. (To balance phone line bills and their loss).

When the 3B2 systems were decomissioned, the PeeCees were put in their place.
This picture shows 'sdf' and 'sdf-2' at the office of MALR, inc, which hosted
The upper shelf (below the books) to the left holds an ISDN NT1/TA, two
56KBPS modems and an SDSL modem. Below that is a 4 port hub, UPS and power
strips. To the right is the full tower which had a 133MHz intel pentium
processor, 8mb Exabyte tape drive and about 4 SCSI disks (two were 5.25" full
height drives). The smaller tower which came later on, was a PII 400 with
EIDE drives. It later was given to Ted and runs today as 'trancell.com'.


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