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Here are four of our machines at our new datacentre located in Bellevue Washington. Our etherswitch is plugged into a 100mbit LAN which then goes out to the internet via multi-homed DS-3's @155mbit. From top to bottom you have sverige which runs our SMAUG MultiUser Dungeon server. Behind that is norge which is dedicated for running IRC BOTS. Below that shelf is neguse which allows for remote console management. Behind neguse is a 5 disk SCA SCSI enclosure which you can not see. This is attached to otaku the dedicated ARPA user server. Finally sdf, our main hosting server is at the bottom.

Name Hardware NetBSD Memory Storage Services
sdf DEC Alpha 5305 1.5.4 1024MB 64gigs shell/UUCP accounts, ftp, smtp, finger, http, timed ..
otaku DEC Alpha 5305 1.5.4 1024MB 118gigs ARPA member server, finger, timed
iceland API Alpha CS20 1.6 1024MB 18gigs shell server, webmail, finger, timed
droog DEC Alpha 5305 1.5.4 1024MB 118gigs sdf's international mirror
björk DEC Alpha 5305 current SMP 512MB 36gigs NetBSD experimental/developmental machine
sverige SUN Sparc20 1.5.3 512MB 18gigs sdf's MUD port 4000
norge SUN Sparc20 1.5.3 512MB 18gigs sdf's IRC Bots server
neguse Livingston PM2e ComOS 2048KB NVRAM console server


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