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IRC Channels on SDF

List of IRC channels currently defined on irc.sdf.org. You can see the current channel list by connecting to server irc.sdf.org and entering the IRC command /list.

#anonradioWelcome to #anonradio | run cmus && :add http://anonradio.net:8000/anonradio.m3u && relax
#artrevNSA. can't hack Art, join us!
#bashy2Contribute at https://notabug.org/mlaine/bashy2
#botsA place for testing bots. This doesn't mean you should connect/quit spam.
#gopherDiscuss gopher, gopher holes, phlogs, etc on SDF
#helpdeskWelcome to #helpdesk | Questions? This is the place | If no one is active, we'll be back soon. This means wait more than 2 mins. | Forgot your passwd? See http://sdf.org/?faq?BASICS?12
#hurtdeskHave you tried turning it On and Off again? | Noob: blah blah blah? Leet: Did you RTFM? Noob: [yes/No]. Leet: Then why are you asking me?
#irpghttp://irpg.demu.red because MA php fails... | /msg irpg_bot REGISTER <char name> <password> <char class> | /msg irpg_bot ALIGN <good|neutral|evil>
#matureWelcome to #mature | +18 only please & thanks
#minecraft[CraftBukkit 1.8.3] mc.sdf.org | [Info] http://sdf.org/mc | [Dynamic Map] http://mc.sdf.org
#sdfWelcome to #sdf | http://xkcd.com/1782/ | /j #anonradio | /j #gopher
#vimVim, the great editor for coders and prose writers!

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