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Mobile Applications on SDF

There are a variety of mobile apps that work well in conjunction with SDF and can enhance your experience here. We will highlight open source/free software for the most part, only adding 'pay' software on request or when there is no other useful alternative.


Linphone - Open source VOIP/SIP client


JuiceSSH - SSH Client

Connectbot - Open source SSH/telnet client

K-9 Mail - Open source email client for advanced users

Xabber - Free Jabber/XMPP client

Overbite - Open source Gopher browser

Tusky - Open source Mastodon client


BBSSH - Free, open source SSH/telnet client

Apple iOS

Monal - Free, open source Jabber/XMPP client

Amaroq - Free, open source Mastodon client

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