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Connecting to MSN Instant Messaging Network from SDF

You can connect to MSN network using one of the varoius clients avilable in SDF...


centerim, also known as cim is a fork of CenterICQ.

  1. Run centerim from the shell.
  2. The first time you will be greted with the configuration screen you can use your left arrow to select Done and press Enter
  3. With down arrow key move until msn's protocol Login option is selected and press Enter
  4. Fill in your msn username (i.e.: user@hotmail.com) and press Enter
  5. Select Password field and press Enter to fill in your password.
  6. With arrow keys select Done and press Enter
CenterIM will try to connect to the MSN nework, you can select your contacts using the arrow keys and press the Enter key to start a chat window. CTRL+x sends the message.


After this, Finch will try to connect to MSN network.

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