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Pico Cheat Sheet

Control keys

(The key sequence "Esc Esc x" can be used instead of "^x".)

^BBackward character ^FForward character
^PPrevious line ^NNext line
^Abeginning of line ^EEnd of line
^Ybackward page ^Vforward page
^Wsearch ^Lrefresh display
^DDelete character ^^set mark
^Kcut region ^Upaste
^IInsert tab ^JJustify paragraph
^Tspell check ^CCursor position
^RRead insert file ^OOutput file
^GGet help ^Xsave eXit

Function keys

F1Get help F5Read insert F9cut region
F2save eXit F6search F10paste
F3Output file F7backward page F11Cursor position
F4Justify paragraph F8forward page F12spell check

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