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The servers utilize the Bukkit plugin system. The various plugins enhance the Minecraft experience and provide useful commands in the game. Below are a few of ther plugins installed on the server. You should take note that these might not all be currently working as expected because of the recent change to Spigot.

  1. SDFEconomy - Economy support.
  2. ChestShop - Sign based shops linked to chests. Buy and sell your wares.
  3. DeadBolt - Place a [private] sign above doors and next to chests to lock them.
  4. Dynmap - A world map is generated in realtime.
  5. ecoCreature - Mobs drop money and other supplies.
  6. FixIt - Repair your items. Includes enchantments too!
  7. Motd - Use commands like /who, and /rtp <user>.
  8. MagicSpells - Cast magic spells with /cast.
  9. MultiVerse - Create and manage worlds.
  10. MyWarp - Warping for everyone. Type /warp help for details.
  11. PurpleIRC - Links game chat with IRC.
  12. Residence - Self serve area protections. See the wiki for details.
  13. Scavenger - Inventory items are restored after every death.
  14. StickyHelp - Enhanced help menu. See /help for more.
  15. TimeAndWeatherControl - Change time and weather..
  16. Whitelist - Dynamically updated via maint.
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