Ray Carlsen's SX64 Reset Mod

  • Simple and completely reversable (about 3 minutes to install)
  • Uses the existing Reset circuit
  • Works stock and even better with JiffyDos
  • One press resets the 1541, hold for 2 seconds to system reset
  • More details at Ray's site

    JiffyDOS installed

  • Switchable!
  • V6.01
  • JiffyDOS Rules!

    SID2SID installed

  • Adds another SID (in my case, a 6581)
  • Downside is its only accessible via the Prophet64 cart
  • Audio from both SIDs run to a stereo 3.5MM jack
  • Listen to it HERE in action. (Headphones not recommended - SIDs are hard panned)
  • Prophet 64

    Frob my Knobby Pot Box

  • Control up to four parameters in real time
  • Uses Joy/Paddle ports 1 and 2 (3 leads plus GND each)
  • 470kohm pots are spec, but I used 500kohm which are easier to find
  • Cable is a CAT5 with a strain relief installed on the box
  • A *real* Prophet~5 nameplate was cut to fit the box