What is this?

The Project TWENEX enlistment provides online gallery space for use of software exhibitions,
distribution and critique. All languages and platforms are welcome as long as your
work is Free Software (GPL is fine).
(Please, no proprietary code, advertising or blatant pornography)

How this works - please read:

upload Allows you to upload html, files and graphics files to your staging area.
remove Allows you to delete html, files and graphics files in your staging area.
content Lists what files you currently have in your staging and exhibit areas.
entitle Title or set your exhibit's description.
exhibit Once you've uploaded your files, links work, they look good and you're ready to show.
inhibit When you decide to close your exhibit and clear comments.
members A listing of current exhibits of the ENLISTMENT on display.
stats A transfer statistics (archived and zero'ed out at the beginning of each month).
help This document.

The procedure:

UPLOAD html, files and graphics and such .. something you have designed and
is entirely your own or have permission to use. (You may occupy 50mb). The
first file in your gallery can be named index.html, index.htm or Index.htm

Preview your gallery in your staging area using CONTENT first to be sure that the
appearance is just how you expect it to be and your links and images work fine.

Use EXHIBIT to make your URL (http://username.twenex.net) active.
Your exhibit will automatically become listed in the MEMBERS page.

At anytime you may INHIBIT your exhibit so that you can delete files or take
down your exhibit permanently. Please note, to update an exhibit, you only need to
UPLOAD a new file(s) and click on EXHIBIT.

Aged exhibitions, those unaltered for 180+ days (6 months), will be inhibited
with all associated files placed in your staging area. If your staging area
goes untouched for 90 days (3 months) after that period, your files as well
as your account are purged to make room for new exhibitionists.