The SDF Public Access UNIX System presents ..

-=- Pacific Commodore Expo V5 -=-

  • Where: Intraspace 3100 Airport Way S, Seattle WA 98134
  • When: June 22rd and 23th, 2024 11am to 5pm
  • Price: Free, donations greatly appreciated

    2 days of retrocomputing fun featuring exhibits and
    demos from the Commodore / Amiga collector community.

    Exhibitor, Demo/Speaker and Volunteer registration: Please contact Robert Bernardo of FCUG

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    How do I get there?

    The Interim Computer Festival is held at Intraspace Events on the 1st floor
    at 3100 Airport Way S., Seattle WA 98134 and S. Stevens St.

    From I-5 South bound
  • Take I-5 South to exit 164 Airport Way S
  • Follow Airport Way S and take a LEFT onto Stevens Street at Lula Coffee
    From I-5 North bound
  • Take I-5 North to exit 163 S. Spokane Street
  • Turn Right onto 6th Avenue
  • Turn Right onto Forest Street
  • Turn Right onto Airport Way S. then an immediate LEFT onto Stevens Street at Lula Coffee
    From I-90
  • Take I-90 WEST exiting RIGHT towards the football stadium
  • Take a RIGHT onto 4th Avenue S.
  • Take a LEFT onto S. Lander S.
  • Take a RIGHT onto Airport Way S.
  • Follow Airport Way S and take a LEFT onto Stevens Street at Lula Coffee

    It's the Rainier Brewery, is it 21 and up?

    The INTRASPACE event room is ALL-AGES though we ask that minors be accompanied by
    and adult. The Rainier Brewery site is a complex of various venues, studios, work shops,
    storage lockers and apartments. There are some portions of the complex that are

    21 and up, but where we are is ALL-AGES.

    May I load in early?

    Load in begins Friday at 4:30pm until 8pm or possibly later.
    It is also possible to load in Saturday morning beginning at 8am until 10am

    Do I need to participate both days?

    No, you can specify in your registration which day you can participate.
    Otherwise, it will be assumed you're registering for Saturday and Sunday.

    Is WIFI and Wired Ethernet available?

    Yes, there is a ~50mbit WIFI network and wired ethernet available.
    If you need wired ethernet, please include details in your registration.

    What are the specs on the projector?

    The projector displays on an approximate 72" x 42" screen and takes
    HDMI input. Demo/Speakers are encouraged to bring their own equipment to
    connect to the projector. However, please include details in your registration
    so that we can help if necessary.

    What are the dimensions of the tables and chairs?

    The tables are classroom / lecture style measuring 60" x 18". While these
    are a bit narrow, they can be strapped together allowing for 36" depth and
    are quite stable for monitors, keyboards and small to medium sized items.
    In previous events, we've successfully doubled tables for everyone's exhibit.
    The chairs are padded fabric (back and seat) metal folding chairs.

    What kind of power do you have available?

    The building is an industrial/factory work space and the event room has
    5 20A circuits providing 120v AC @ 60Hz. A single 230V 30A is available.
    We do have some power strips, extension cords, but it is best that you bring
    everything you need to Plug and Play