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All SDF users are welcome to join various SIG meetings. To join
a meeting, type 'com' at the shell. Typically SIG meetings are
held in rooms other than the 'lobby' (default) room. Note that some
topics may induce heated and emotional discussions. It is best
to take insults in stride rather than dish them out.

SIG Description Day Time Room
Astronomy Space exploration, star gazing and speculation Mondays 7:00PM PT techies
Politics How is your government doing? Tuesdays 7:00PM PT gov
Chinese Learn, speak, or discuss Chinese language Wednesdays 7:00PM PT zhongwen
Tech Help and How-To do things with SDF Thursdays 7:00PM PT techies
Gaming netris, dopewars, hunt and mdg Fridays 7:00PM PT netris
Open No club meetings scheduled Saturday 7:00PM PT lobby
Religion Non-denominational religious discussions (debates) Sundays 7:00PM PT monaste9ry

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