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SDF online gaming


advent 350 pt. Collosal Cave adventure
c4 connect four
bj black jack
dinkum Adventure in Australia
dopewarsmulti-user virtual urban life
greed how far will your greed take you?
hunt multi-user maze/shoot .. try 'hunt -m'
invadersSpace Invaders
knight Knight's Tour matrix
life jpf's life simulator for SDF
linux linux massacre simulator
lander can you land the lunar module (LEM)?
mazewar a System V UNIX version of the classic
mdg John Gonnerman's MultiUser Dungeon Game
moon Jochen Voss's moon-buggy
mud connect to the SDF MultiUser Dungeon
nethack Can you find the Amulet of Yendor and survive?
onelinerSDF onliners .. since 1987
othello strategy game similar to GO
robots the robots are programmed to get you
rogue Before there was NETHACK there was ROGUE
ski dodge trees and a snowmen while you ski
snake collect $ while avoiding a ferocious snake
suicide animated suicide trio
tetris a timed 2 dimensional puzzle
tess beyond the tesseract, an abstract adventure
thxmoo SDF's very own MOO!
torus faster, more intelligent robots are programmed to get you
tttt tic-tac-toc-toe with wraparound edges
wandereran excellent stategic puzzle/adventure game
worm you are a worm that eats numbers to and becomes unweildy
zombies the zombies are programmed to get you

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