Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

  • Ebay Item Number: 130058946271
  • Seller states instrument was in "BEAUTIFUL" condition
  • Seller states the instrument has no memory, but is programmable
  • Seller used several sheets of card board taped together and a single sheet of bubble wrap across the control panel with no packing peanuts. Item was inadquately packed. Fedex would not honor an insurance claim. The item did not have 2 to 3 inches between it and the cardboard and because of this the wood case was cracked in three places, a potentiometer was broken and the synthesizer does not make any sounds.
  • Filter Envelope amount potentiometer is broken
  • The glide pot knob is damaged
  • Power supply is damaged, synth produces no sound and cannot be programmed
  • Can seller provide a reciept for shipping? I was charged $75 and I believe I should be refunded any profit the seller made off of the shipping. I was under the impression that by paying a premium for shipping the seller would use adequate packing materials: 2 to 3 layers of bubble wrap, a real shipping box and 2 to 3 inches of packing peanuts. The seller only used a single sheet of bubble wrap across the control panel and taped several sheets of cardboard around the instrument rather than using a box.