Hello Evan -

Very cool.  The message we sent out was, of course, just to light a fire as 
we've had a handful of vocal people chant "StatusNet is dead, long live
pump.io" since you announced the project.  

The most important thing to us is giving the user the power and access to 
how they present themselves on the net.  We also see the importance of allowing
them to choose how they make use of their own data (uploaded or server 
generated) rather than by us or a 3rd party.  

pump.io lends itself nicely to that model.  

I know that we are very interested in supporting pump.io as it develops and 
we'll keep watching for updates.  We'll be using twitter as a way to promote
it here on SDF going forward.

Stephen - sdf.org

> I just read this:
> http://paste.ubuntu.com/5703240/
> Just to clarify: StatusNet is not being "phased out". It's used by 
> thousands of sites worldwide. The software is going to become an 
> official GNU project as "GNU Social" (which right now is a fork of 
> StatusNet).
> Let me know if there's anything else you need. I think pump.io is going 
> to be much more friendly to the SDF community; there are already ncurses 
> clients in the works.
> Thanks,
> -Evan