SDF's Plan9 Boot Camp

Boot Camp Basics

  • October 16th, 2011 - 11am PDT - about 2 hrs
  • Use VoIP conference bridge 1086
  • room 'plan9' in 'com'
  • ssh to
  • Download 'drawterm' for your local system

    Overview of the Plan9 operating system

  • reading:
  • reading:
  • further reading:
  • Talk about the 'blit' / TTY 5620 see picture
  • John Floren's Plan9 Acme Editor demo videos

    Why we need a Plan9 Boot Camp, Goals

  • Plan9 wants a 'blit' and a 3 button mouse
  • Plan9 wants a network
  • Plan9 wants a community
  • Plan9 wants to be distributed

    What we will be doing today

  • Booting your personal VPS
  • Installing Plan9 from the Plan9 CD via the text interface
  • Booting your newly installed system
  • Configuring your network interface
  • Starting drawterm and connecting to your CPU
  • Getting familiar with the 'rio' windowing system (clock, stats, acme, snake)
  • Overview of the file system layout: /adm, /bin, /cfg, /env, /n, /sys /usr
  • Accessing via 9fs
  • Using 'pull' to update your system

    A description of SDF's setup, VPS the maintenance menu

  • What inst/textonly looks like inst/textonly
  • ssh to for the 'maint' menu and your system console

    network configuration quick cheatsheet for fresh install or reboot

  • ip/ipconfig -g ether /net/ether0 YOUR_IP
  • echo 'key proto=p9sk1 dom=plan9 user=glenda !password=YOUR_PASSWORD' >/mnt/factotum/ctl
  • aux/listen1 -t tcp!*!ncpu /bin/cpu -R &
  • Do this just one time: echo 'ip=YOUR_IP sys=plan9 dom=plan9 dns=' >> /lib/ndb/local
  • ndb/cs
  • ndb/dns -r

    Some hints about Plan9

  • Plan9's system console is a TTY, not a VT
  • In UNIX almost everything is a file, in Plan9 everything is a file
  • Plan9 is more like UNIX than Linux is like UNIX
  • Environment variables are stored and manipulated in /env
  • System configuration is in /cfg
  • Login configuration is in /rc/bin (termrc or cpurc, also .local files)
  • System types: cpu vs. term
  • The user contributed tutorials: