Project Description
META TUTORIALS MetaARPA contributed and edited SDF, UNIX & INTERNET tutorials
SDFARC SDF Amateur Radio Club
MOTD Blogs, Forums and Galleries for UNIX hackers
SDF Learning SDF Online Classroom
SDF PaintChat Shi-Chan's PaintChat Server
COMMODE SDF Special Interest Group Meetings
THXMOO SDF Moo based on THX-1138 by George Lucas
SDF SDF Member Desktop Screenshots
TWENEX Enlistment SDF Free Software Empowerment Bureau
SEVCOM Enlistment SDF Artist Empowerment Bureau
ANONRADIO SDF Underground Radio Show
SDF-EU.ORG SDF European Site
SDF-JP.ORG SDF Japanese Site
SMTP NICSMTP Registry to stop UCE
ASCII-GAMES Play and Reviews
Music Comp Vol I SDF Music Compilation Volume I
Music Comp Vol II SDF Music Compilation Volume II
Music Comp Vol III SDF Music Compilation Volume III
Music Comp Vol IV SDF Music Compilation Volume IV
Music Comp Vol V SDF Music Compilation Volume V
SDF Mapping SDF User World Map
SDF anonftp SDF current and historical archives
UNIX and SDF An excellent SDF tutorial by LISP hacker 'gms'
HTML and CGI An excellent reference by MooMaster Kira
Computer History Museum SDF is a contributing member of the CHM
NetBSD Foundation SDF is an annual contributor to the NetBSD Foundation
Evan Brown Who Owns Evan Brown's Brain?