NAME              chrm -- remove (unlink) files

SYNOPSIS          chrm directory name1 ...

DESCRIPTION       chrm removes the entries for one or more  files from the
                  named  directory. If an entry was the last link to the file,
                  the file is destroyed. Removal  of a file requires write
                  permission  in  its directory, but neither read nor write
                  permission on the file itself.

                  Directories cannot be removed by rm; cf. rmdir.

FILES             none.

SEE ALSO          rmdir, for removing directories.

DIAGNOSTICS       If  the file cannot be removed or does not exist, the name
                  of the file followed  by  a  question  mark  is typed.

BUGS              rm probably should ask whether a read-only file is really
                  to be removed.

OWNER             ken, dmr