NAME              format of directories


DESCRIPTION       A directory behaves exactly  like  an  ordinary file, save
                  that  no  user  may write into a directory. The fact that a
                  file is a directory is indicated by  a  bit  in the flag word
                  of its i-node entry.

                  Directory  entries  are 8 words long. The first word is the
                  i-node of the file represented by the entry, if non-zero;
                  if zero, the entry is empty.

                  Words  1-4  represent  the  (8-character)  file name, space
                  padded on the right. These words are not necessarily
                  cleared for empty slots.

                  By convention, the first entry in each directory is
                  for "dd", which is  the  "directory  directory" that  holds
                  all the users' home directories and the "system" directory.
                  The "system" directory contains "init" and "sh".


SEE ALSO          file system format



OWNER             ken, dmr