;;; 31-Dec-97;smj

This text file is an expansion to the question in the sdf faq file
regarding a UUCP account with sdf.org.

The first step in setting up UUCP is to be sure you have all your
software configured on your machine.  While there are software packages
for PC systems, this text file will only cover HoneyDanBer UUCP or,
the AT&T Basic Networking Utilities on the AT&T 3B2 UNIX System.


The first thing to do is determine your "uname" .. this can be done
by running the "uname" command .. output looks something like this:

$ uname -a
sdf sdf 3.2 3.0 3B2

There are FOUR essential files you need to concern yourself with:

  Systems, Permissions, Dialers and Devices

This files are traditionally located in /usr/lib/uucp .. but may
reside elsewhere on your UNIX system.  For this text file, it will
be assumed that these files reside in /usr/lib/uucp.

THE "Systems" FILE

  Connecting to SDF via a modem:
  sdf Any ACU 19200 19723176960 login: Uuname word: panzer

  Connecting to SDF via TCP:
  sdf Any TCP Any uucp.freeshell.org login: Uuname word: panzer

THE "Permissions" FILE

  This entry only needs to exist if SDF is dialing into your system,
  which is generally unlikely .. most uuhosts POLL sdf.

  MACHINE=sdf LOGNAME=Usdf READ=/usr/spool/uucppublic \
  WRITE=/usr/spool/uucppublic SENDFILES=yes \
  REQUEST=yes COMMANDS=/bin/rmail:/usr/bin/rnews

THE "Dialers" FILE

  Connecting to SDF via a modem (hayes compatable): 
  hayes	=,-,	"" \dAT\r\c OK\r \EATDT\T\r\c CONNECT

  Connecting to SDF via TCP:
  tcp	""	""

THE "Devices" FILE

  Connecting to SDF via a modem ("contty is your serial port"):
  ACU	contty,i	-	19200 hayes
  Connecting to SDF via TCP:
  TCP	uucp	-	-

Now, once all of that is setup and you are able to actually connect
to SDF, you will then need to contact "smj@sdf.org" to request
a UUCP login (put "UUCP request" in the Subject line of your message.
When doing this, you may provide the following:

  Your uname (all UUCP host login's have a capital "U" prefixed to
              their uname to classify them as UUCP hosts).
  Do you want your uname listed as a host as 'uname.freeshell.org'?
  Do you want a USENET feed?  (What groups would you like). 
  **NOTE** We no longer spool/forward USENET .. sorry.

Once this information is in the hands of the UUCP admin on SDF, it will
be setup usually within a day along with a confirmation mail message
with a password and a cc'ed test message.