McQuah's CRUX ports

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PortVersionDescriptionLast modified
basu0.2.0-1the sd-bus library, extracted from systemd2021-06-18
bemenu0.6.2-1dynamic menu library and client program inspired by dmenu with support for wayland compositors2021-06-27
bogofilter1.2.5-1implements Bayesian technique for spammy email classification2021-06-18
catgirl1.8-1TLS-only IRC client2021-06-23
dreamchess0.3.0-1OpenGL chess interface with support for various engines2021-06-25
dwm6.2-systray-1tiling Xorg window manager, with systray patch2021-06-26
fairymax4.8S-1engine that plays chess variants2021-06-18
fcft2.4.0-1simple library for font loading and glyph rasterization using FontConfig, FreeType and pixman.2021-06-26
firefox88.0.1-1the Mozilla Firefox browser, patched to enable sndio2021-06-26
foliate2.6.3-1simple and modern GTK eBook reader2021-06-18
foot1.8.0-1fast, lightweight and minimalistic wayland terminal emulator2021-06-25
girara0.3.5-1library that implements simple, minimalistic user interfaces2021-06-18
gjs1.68.1-1JavaScript bindings for GNOME2021-06-18
glew2.2.0-1OpenGL extension wrangler library, with wayland support2021-06-26
greetd0.7.0-1minimal and flexible login manager daemon2021-06-27
grim1.3.1-1screenshot utility for wayland2021-06-18
gtk33.24.29-2multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces2021-06-18
imv4.2.0-1fast, lightweight image viewer for wayland2021-06-25
jp2a1.0.7-1JPEG to ASCII art converter2021-06-18
kristall0.3-1graphical gemini browser using Qt52021-06-18
lagrange1.5.1-1graphical gemini browser using SDL2021-06-18
lbreakouthd1.0.7-1game where you must aim a bouncing ball to clear a field of bricks2021-06-18
libportal0.4-1provides GIO-style async APIs for most Flatpak portals2021-06-18
libretls3.3.3p1-1library for secure communications using certificates2021-06-18
maelstrom3.0.7-1navigate a spaceship through an asteroid field with toroidal geometry2021-06-18
mblaze1.1-13suite of command-line tools for working with maildirs2021-06-26
mesa21.1.3-1Mesa 3D graphics library2021-06-26
mpc0.33-1minimalistic CLI to the music player daemon2021-06-27
mpd0.22.9-1music player daemon, with dependency-free manpages2021-06-27
mtpaint3.50-1simple GTK+1/2/3 painting program2021-06-18
oksh6.9-1portable Korn shell from OpenBSD2021-06-18
otter-browser1.0.02-1Qt5 web browser inspired by Opera2021-06-18
pkgutils5.40.7-2utilities to install and manage CRUX packages, with support for renaming tarballs2021-06-26
prboom-plus2.6um-1classic first-person shooter with demons and ghouls2021-06-18
prt-utils1.1.4-2port management scripts for CRUX, with support for renamed tarballs2021-06-27
python3-sqlalchemy1.4.18-1tools for accessing and manipulating databases with Python2021-06-20
scdoc1.11.1-1Drew Devault's documentation generator2021-06-18
slurp1.3.2-1region selector for the wayland compositor2021-06-26
sndio1.8.1-1small audio and midi framework2021-06-26
swappy1.3.1-1snapshot editing tool for wayland2021-06-26
sway1.6-1i3-compatible wayland compositor2021-06-18
swaybg1.0-1wallpaper tool for wayland compositors2021-06-18
tagutil3.1-1command-line tool for editing audio file tags2021-06-23
timidity++2.14.0-1midi to wav converter2021-06-18
tllist1.0.5-1C header file for typed linked lists2021-06-26
tuigreet0.2.0-1graphical console greeter for greetd2021-06-18
wayland-egl1.1.7-2the EGLStream-based wayland external platform2021-06-26
wf-recorder0.2.1-1screen recording app for the wayland desktop2021-06-26
wildmidi0.4.4-1CLI software synthesizer2021-06-18
wlroots0.14.0-1modular wayland compositor library2021-06-26
xboard4.9.1-1Xorg chess interface with support for various engines2021-06-26
xclock1.0.9-1simple clock for Xorg2021-06-18
xdg-desktop-portal1.8.1-2desktop integration portals for sandboxed apps2021-06-18
xdg-desktop-portal-wlr0.4.0-1xdg-desktop-portal backend for wlroots2021-06-18
xournalpp1.0.20-hotfix-1notetaking and PDF annotation software2021-06-18
zathura0.4.7-1document viewer that uses plugins to support a variety of formats2021-06-18
zathura-pdf-poppler0.3.0-1adds PDF support to zathura by using the poppler rendering engine2021-06-18
zathura-ps0.2.6-2adds PS support to zathura2021-06-18

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