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Ignore the sidebar, this page is mostly about my understanding of balance theory[1] and somewhat gome theory . Which I ll write some other time .
The hypothesis implies roughly that attitudes of the group members will tend to change in such a way that one's friends' friends will tend to become one's friends and one's enemies' enemies also one's friends, and one's enemies' friends and one's friends' enemies will tend to become one's enemies, and moreover, that these changes tend to operate even across several removes (one's friends' friends' enemies' enemies tend to become friends by an iterative process)
Although frend and enemey is not in black and white or binary ; that's often grey. But is for simplicity and to treat them as boolean, if we take friend F as 0 and Enemy E as 1 (or otherwise) ,above signed graph or relationship can be represented by the logical expression
A \cdot B + \overline{A} \cdot \overline{B}
or the alebraic expression
S = A \odot B
for xnor (gate) operation , which is logical complemnt to xor gate and can be made with NAND gates or NOR gates in certain configurations. In fact, any logic gate can be made from combinations of only NAND gates or only NOR gates.