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Plan 9 Rc Survival Guide

Rc is the command interpreter shell developed for the Plan 9 from Bell Labs operating system. Its design is inspired by the Unix Bourne shell and many Rc commands share names and functionality with familiar Unix shell commands.

This tutorial introduces a minimal subset of Rc commands to enable one to perform the initial configuration of the Plan 9 operating system running on an SDF VPS slice (see Plan 9 on SDF VPS).

Control keys

Available on server console

^H move cursor one character to the left and delete character
^U delete current line text
^] return to VPS Maintenance Shell menu

Available in rio graphic environment

^A move cursor to beginning of current line Delete interrupt running program
^E move cursor to end of text on current line move cursor one character left
^F file name completion move cursor one character right
move cursor one character to the left and delete character scroll window upward (small)
^U delete current line text scroll window downward (small)
^W delete word to left of cursor Page
scroll window upward (large)
scroll window downward (large)

Rc commands

cat print file contents lc print file list in columns (ls is also available)
cd change working direcory man print man page
cp copy a file mkdir make a directory
date print current date and time mv move a file
echo print arguments p print file page-by-page (press Enter for next page)
ed line-oriented text editor pwd print current working directory name
fshalt -h halt file system, shutdown server rm delete file or directory

I/O redirection

command < file take input for command from file
command > file send output from command to file (create or overwrite)
command >> file append output from command to file
command-1 | command-2 pipe output from command-1 as input to command-2

Additional information

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