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Setting up a SIP phone with SDF VoIP

SDF Voice over Internet Protocol Telephony is a service feature available to the ARPA, META and Validated USERS membership levels. It allows an SDF user to make voice and video calls to other SDF users and to linked Telephony services via a SIP client on a 3G or WIFI cellphone, WIFI enabled mobile device, or an Internetworked computer.

SDF VoIP set up and server configuration can be accessed via 'maint' at the shell ('maint' -> v -> p).

Below is a list of known-to-work sip clients, and general instructions on configuring and setting up a SIP client. There may also be client-specific instructions as well.

Wikipedia also has a list of notable SIP clients.

Tested SIP Hardware

Routers (with SIP capabilities)
Analog Phone Adaptor

Tested SIP clients

Mac OS X

General Instructions

All SIP clients must have at least 3 bits of information:
The "username" used for authentication. Currently, the extension is a series of numbers such as "6000". A directory of users is also available. The assigned extension will be given in an email. Do not use your SDF username.
This may also be known as the server to connect with. Use sip.sdf.org as the server; use the default port of 5060/udp. Please note: some clients infer the domain from the extension. In this case, the extension will be in the form of "extension@domain", or "sip:extension@domain"; eg, "6000@sip.sdf.org" would be a valid username that includes the domain.
This is the password used to authenticate to the SIP server. This will be provided in the email as well, but may change very soon in the future. The password can be reset via the maint command.

Client Instructions

Please see the client instructions page for specific client instructions.


Voicemail messages will be automatically mailed to your SDF email address in WAV format.


Want to call the public switched telephone network? Read the info here

This tutorial is far from complete. Wanna make it better? Edit it!

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