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Five nines? Nah .. Today I met Mr. Rakesh
What? I need such gateway drugs ! The other day I saw someone getting a bitcoin addr on TI-89 & that, not all the hype, got me in to blockchains and eventually p2p servingserving this content without a server ....
Then, off course, I write (currently on intersections between philosophy and science),enough to convince me of the fallacy of Composition. I watch (analyses of) screencraft e.g. Terminator vs Avatar by Mark Fisher. Art unpacks it for us, so as we can unpack further, philosophy is the metatheatre.
I use this shell account to a) telnet a.1)my c64 , so that it's online a.2) 10000 :/ emacs b) produce loopback in telnet. Little glitch ..telnet sends data in plain text. c) onion routing d) anonymous FTP (if I had enough resources) d.1) booting router (among other things) from tftp / udp e) fido/ echo f) at places , free internet over radios g) use remote files e.g. ssh user@yourhomepc "cat file" | mplayer -