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I use this shell account, to telnet my c64 , so that it's part of the internet.
What? I need such gateway drugs ! The other day I saw someone getting a bitcoin addr on TI-89 & that, not all the ype, got me in to blockchains and eventually p2p servingserving this content without a server ....
I d often think why do I need a server for others to access my file tree (no matter how holistic), in a user friendly way
Then, off course, I write
Cheap labor from economic and political, invasion,war and colonisation, replaced the blue collar, the middle class and blows income inequality in a republic and this changed what industry demands form who.This changed what we learn and how. Who kisses whose ass. How capitalism pretends to bring correct that, after causing it in first place How the participation in public affairs cost private money, despite taxation, in name of glory and other nonsense Misc. Thoughts
Using Music principles to improve writing Cool ideas in other languages , nix and calculus Socialist ideas in programming and math

Monographs, as I am not qualified to publish research and they are better than viral garbles on internet and tabs of activities[1] which spanned over n of my years
Axis Using the information I have about some phenomenon of my interest, to Identify a system withoin it or prove that it is random or independent Pinpoint 2-3 key ideas of [1] So what are hooks again Grammar & Pronunciation