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FIRST, create your own free shell account via SSH at: https://sdf.org/?signup

Membership in SDF is comprised of the following three tiers: USERS, ARPA and MetaARPA.

Click here to join the membership, pay your dues or make a donation.

1. USERS: Basic Membership Level

USERS (free)


Allows staff, volunteer or adjunct at an accredited college or K-12 to self-manage a virtual UNIX classroom. A prospective instructor should provide SDF with details regarding their class (such as a syllabus or lesson plan). Students create their own accounts and are then validated by the instructor. The ATutor CMS is also available for classes. Further details are available in the FAQ.

STUDENT (free)

Allows an enrolled student at an accredited college or K-12 school to be validated by a qualifying 'INSTRUCTOR'. The account provides a student with 'USERS' benefits, as well as development tools of the 'ARPA' membership. The student can retain this access by joining the 'ARPA' membership or will be made 'USERS' after the semester.

DIALUP ($7-$10/month)

DSL (request a quote)

2. ARPA: Patron Lifetime Membership Level

ARPA ($36 one-time)

VOIP ($15 quarterly)

DBA [MySQL database] ($30 annual)

DNS [Domain Name Service] ($20 annual)

VPM [Mail Service] ($20 annual)

VHOST [Website Hosting] ($5-$20/month)

POINTER [Website Aliasing] ($30 annual)

MLIST [Mailing List] ($30 annual)

REGIS [Domain Registration] ($18 annual)

3. MetaARPA: Sustaining Membership Level

MetaARPA ($11 quarterly)

VPN ($4 month)

VPS ($7-$28 month or $60-$224 annual)

MOTD ($4-$8/month)

Where to send donations & membership dues:

Acceptable funds: Cheques, Money Orders, USD, CDN, EURO, UK, AUS, YUAN and YEN.

Thank you for your support!

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