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Ashes History

This is the known history of the campfire ashes carried by Cameron King.

John McInnis

Date Event
60’s - 70’s various Texas campfires (unverified)
80’s - 90’s various Texas campfires (personal knowledge)

Jerry Smiley

Date Event
2004 - 2018 Cross Timbers IOLS
10/7/2009 Camp Wisdom Final Campfire
2014 LHC Wood Badge at Philmont
2016 LHC Wood Badge at Philmont
2018 LHC Wood Badge at Philmont S2-662-18-3

Cameron King

Date Event
2018 LHC Wood Badge at Philmont S2-662-18-3
2018 Cross Timbers BALOO
2018 Cross Timbers Day Camp
2018 P378 Fall
2019 P378 Spring
2019 Cross Timbers Day Camp
2019 C10 Camp James Ray Web Resident Camp
2019 WSJ24 OA Camp Fire Ring (cold)
2019 LHC Centinnial Camporee P379 Site
2020 BSA Ntl COVID-19 Camp-in (King family)
2020 P378 Thunder Dragons Roman Nose St Park
2020 P379 Fall
2020 P378 Fall
2021 GS-TOP Cabin/Tent Stephen’s Ranch
2021 P378 Spring
2021 P379 Spring
2021 P379 Fall
2022 P379 Spring
2022 P379 Fall
2023 P379 Spring
2023 Woodland West Men’s Retreat
2023 P379 Fall
2024 P379 Spring